June Art Crush: Mark Ryden

Posted by Dez x on June 8, 2016 in Art |No Comments
Painting by Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden: The Magic Circus

Art Crush: Mark Ryden

Artist Website: http://www.markryden.com

When I First Fell Inlove: 2001 when I discovered his work on the album cover of  “Clear Hearts Grey Flowers” by Jack Off Jill. 

About Their Work:  Mark Ryden’s work is usually described as “Pop Surrealism” and incorporates imagery of his own wonderlands and universes with figures of innocence, animals, toys, intestines, meat and other odd bits of pieces.

What I Love About His Work:  When I first started loving Mark Ryden’s work I was 16 years old and beginning to embrace all the obscure things I came across. His works gave me a lot of inspiration about what art could be, compared to the traditional ideals that I’d been told to accept. I love the way these wonderland paintings are so delicate, macabre and finely painted to perfection.

My Favourite of His Works:

Inside Sue 

The Magic Circus 

Rosie’s Tea Party


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