The Power and Beauty of Boudoir Photography

Perth Boudoir Photography- Kittydujour


The power and beauty of boudoir photography has gained a special place in my passion since I was first able to muck around with a camera and old enough to buy an array of magazines with luxurious looking women posing sensually, artfully or at times possibly a little risqué! I fell in love with the confidence and ownership of their sexuality that they were able to exude and the photographer was able to capture. It spoke to those insecurities within myself and I have always been drawn to curiosity and admiration for people who ooze being comfortable in their own skin.

Boudoir photography has come a long way from the early days of photos with the legalities of even possessing nude or risqué photographs of women. Now the sexy selfie is a commonality of the internet, the way we express ourselves and how we feel about our body. Those early days of taking glamorously posed pictures of ladies in silk, lace, stockings and lingerie inspires so many styles and ways in which we feel empowered within our own sensuality. Even when back then, it was something to shame. Body image and body shaming have become rife with the freedoms we enjoy today as an overly critical and judgemental society which is controlled and suppressed by our own fears to enjoy, embrace and experience ourselves.

I myself, find it hard to be totally comfortable with my body, and for this I am still overly curious and admiring of those who feel free in their bodies, but even more passionate about finding ways to kill those insecurities in the pursuit of loving ourselves. Through boudoir photography I have discovered that vulnerability comes to everyone. Nobody is exempt from feeling insecure, shy or self conscious. I haven’t had one person, whether clothed, naked or sexily clad, old, young, or “perfect” sit for a shoot with me, without hearing them apologise or feel ashamed for at least one part of their body, their being. (I’m terribly guilty of this myself!)

Here in Perth, I specialise in offering boudoir sessions to all genders, kinks, couples and ages and what I love is being able to offer a chance to shed the inhibitions, just a little. That by the end of the process there is a remarked difference in the way a person carries themselves. They shine from the inside out. I love seeing people’s uncomfortable expressions transform into smiles and confidence, before even seeing the pictures just taken! There can be any number of reasons why someone would have boudoir photos taken. Sometimes, people just want someone to take those photos for their own private reassurance, or for a lover, for self promotion, documenting fitness or weight loss, or documenting self development. Whatever the reason for sharing that vulnerability, it’s all valid.

Boudoir photography is not just for the rich and famous, or for models or actors. Every person has a right to feel comfortable, at home in their own body, and to be able to express that in any way they please.




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