Dezire KohHi I’m Dez,  a quirky and talented content designer in Perth, Western Australia with a genuine love for offering a variety of artistic services such as photography, graphic design and content writing. Creations Content is the business I created to allow me to explore more of my own creativity while sharing my passion and enjoying working from home for the first time.

Being a creative person and encouraging others to experience their own creative personalities is an important aspect of how I interact with the world and people around me. I have fantastic listening skills which I use in helping people to uncover their passions, creative direction and applying it as needed in their lives and businesses.

By offering my artistic services as a content designer and photographer, I can help you cut down on the time you spend trying to create or source creative and original content needed for your social media and website. I offer a range of photography services and can also cleverly put together social media posts and fun infographics to help you stand out from the crowd!

If you’d like to work with me  CLICK HERE to get in touch!