My Fetish Inspiration and Work

I’ve said before in another blog, that one of the things I truly appreciate in art is being given an opportunity to see through someone else’s eyes. To have another person share their experiences and views in what it is that they want to say or express.   When I was first studying art I […]

August’s Art Crush: Jessica Todd Harper

Art Crush: Jessica Todd Harper Artist Website: When I First Fell Inlove:  I stumbled across Jessica Harpers website a few months ago when I was researching portrait photography styles and I was immediately captivated by her photographs. About Their Work: What I Love About Their Work: As someone who loves taking photographs of my kids […]

Hedonism in Art

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Would it not be true to say that most images produced today, are about Hedonism in some way or another? Paintings, photographs, print media and even what we see splayed over social media sharing or inspiring the pursuit of please and self gratification. We expose and share facets of our lives in pursuit of the […]

How I Like to Chill Out With Art

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In last few years I have not had the motivation to do a lot of painting. I was busy working 5 nights a week doing long hours and with a little toddler still running around the house most of my art stuff got packed away in fear that I’d end up with it smeared all […]

July’s Art Crush: David Booth

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Art Crush: David Booth Artist Website: When I First Fell Inlove: In 2010 while studying at Tafe I watched a documentary which was aired on ABC TV Artscape back in 2009. The documentary was about Ghostpatrol and Miso and their collaborations in Street Art. About Their Work:  Check out this video by Creativemornings HQ […]

My Fun and Exciting Social Media Posts with Infographics

    One of the things I really love doing is creating social media posts like these! They are perfect for adding something a bit more visual to websites, blogs, Facebook or Twitter posts and other online mediums. The first one I created of these was actually just for a giggle; Submission or No? The feedback […]

Why I Absolutely Love Drawing in Pen!

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Remember back to primary school when writing in pen was forbidden? The daunting processes of ruling up a page in a red pencil and handwriting in finely sharpened lead. Those things looked like weapons! I remember the teacher pacing the rows of desks and eyeballing for when she spotted a blunt soft pencil. It was […]

Why Be Creative Now!

So, something came up today which hit a nerve, or a lightbulb depending how you look at it, about why I have chosen to dedicate more time to my creative self, now. I was having a conversation where that commonly thrown out comment, “seems like everyone is a photographer these days” and it wasn’t said negatively, or intended so, but my inner angry goblin twitched.

The Power and Beauty of Boudoir Photography

  The power and beauty of boudoir photography has gained a special place in my passion since I was first able to muck around with a camera and old enough to buy an array of magazines with luxurious looking women posing sensually, artfully or at times possibly a little risqué! I fell in love with […]

June Art Crush: Mark Ryden

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Art Crush: Mark Ryden Artist Website: When I First Fell Inlove: 2001 when I discovered his work on the album cover of  “Clear Hearts Grey Flowers” by Jack Off Jill.  About Their Work:  Mark Ryden’s work is usually described as “Pop Surrealism” and incorporates imagery of his own wonderlands and universes with figures of […]